• FREE Shoulder Pain Workshop
    Wednesday, May 8th | 7:15 PM
    We will discuss the top 3 common causes of shoulder pain, the BIGGEST MISTAKE shoulder pain sufferers make, and what successful treatment looks like. You will leave with a couple take home exercises and the first 10 people to sign up will get a FREE exercise band.
  • FREE Running Workshop
    FREE Running Workshop
    Thursday, May 30th | 7:30 PM
    Join us for an informational meeting with tips and advice on how to avoid injury as well as what to do if you begin having pain while training. Learn the top three causes of breakdown while training and what to do if it happens. Whether you are training for your first 5K or a marathon, THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!
  • FREE Foot & Ankle Workshop
    FREE Foot & Ankle Pain Workshop

    We will explore common causes of foot and ankle pain, loss of balance, and what proper treatment looks like.

  • FREE Running Workshop
    FREE Overhead Athlete Injuries & Prevention Workshop

    This workshop highlights common injuries for overhead athletes and ways to prevent them.